Friday, 24 December 2010

The second night before Christmas

Well it was the second day before Christmas and I thought to wear down the kiddies I would give them a trip into Perth, and as you can see the first thing we saw was this ripper Christmas Tree.

Just the kiddies at Perth Mall.

At Perth Myers they have a place called Christmas Land so this year I thought I would take them there, so with their little hopes high we walked into Christmas Land and got two tickets on the Christmas Train.

Here's the Christmas train.

Fairdinkum it was over before it began as the train only went around in a frigin cycle! But as you can see the kiddies loved it.

Sarah received her fairy wings and while Harrison n' Sarah were on the magical Christmas train, Jacko was able to play with some Lego.... so all were happy.

Then as we were walking through Perth we came apon another Christmas Tree, so it was time for yet another photo opportunity.

My little fairy Sarah.

My little ratbag Jacko!

My little neville Harrison.

And before we caught the train back to Middle swan we had to have a gander at the future tallest building in Perth, thats right the BHP tower with Sarah sticking her nose into the photo.